Tensor Network Theory Library  Beta release 1.2.1
A library of routines for performing TNT-based operations
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Detailed Description

Functions and properties that are concerned with nodes, where the nodes can either be part of a network, or can be isolated from any network.

The nodes are connected to one another by their legs, to form groups of nodes or networks. Connections between nodes in the network can be defined by the initialisation file, or by manipulating them using the provided node functions.

Each leg has an associated label, which is a single alphanumeric character. It is defined when the node is created and used to identify that leg. Since the label is used to identify a given leg, obviously it is not possible to use the same label for multiple legs on a given node. Note that ascending order of the alphanumeric labels is 0-9,A-Z,a-z.

Each node will have associated with it a tensor (i.e. a multi-dimensional array of numbers) where the tensor indices corresond to node legs. These will be automatically kept track of during manipulation of the nodes - you only need to keep track of leg labels.


 Changing connections and legs
 Getting information and finding
 Symmetry information
 Functional nodes
 Creating, copying and deleting